Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we will collect frequently asked questions as well as the answers. Please check the FAQ before contacting the lecturers or TAs about a question.

I have a question — who should I contact?

If your question concerns the exam, please get in touch with Maximilian Mordig. In case you have noticed an issue with the website (e.g., something is broken or not up-to-date), email Timothy Gebhard or create an issue on GitHub. For other, more specific questions, please get in touch with Michael Muehlebach.

Will the lecture slides / recordings be made available?

On the condition that the respective lecturer agrees to it, we will make the slides (or notes) of a talk available on the course website. The same is true for the lecture recordings, which will be published on the ETH video portal (requires an ETH login).

Where can I discuss my questions / thoughts with other participants?

We have added a Moodle forum (requires an ETH login) for this purpose. Please note that we currently do not plan to monitor this forum regularly. This means that if you want an quick answer from a lecturer / TA, you should still contact us directly.